"Bert . . . Thank you for all those tips on guitar playing that I got from your book, when I was young."

  Eric Clapton
Bert Weedon's 'This is You Life' TV Show
  "Mr. Bert Weedon - Guitar Wizard . . . this guy is a legend . . . there are thousands of us so-called guitar heroes who first saw live TV guitar playing by Mr. Bert Weedon - Guitar Wizard . . . thank you very much for spreading the guitar and your enthusiasm to all of us, who are very happy to know you."
  Brian May
Bert Weedon's 'This is You Life' TV Show
  "I wouldn't have felt the urge to press on without the tips and encouragement that Bert's book 'Play in a Day' gives you. I've never met a player of any consequence that doesn't say the same thing."
  Eric Clapton
New Musical Express 07-01-78 and Sunday Mirror 30-10-77
  "Bert's book was a great influence on me."
  John Miles
  "Bert was the first person I ever saw play the electric guitar - he must have had a great influence on me."
  Steve Hillage
  "Bert was the first guitarist to make any real impression on me. I saw him on a TV show called 'Tuesday Rendezvous' and immediately persuaded my father to buy me my first guitar. In fact if it wasn't for Bert I might never have taken it up in the first place. Thanks for 'Play in a Day'."
  Mike Oldfield
  "I bought the 'Play in a Day' book and strummed my very first guitar with a Bert Weedon plectrum."
  Bill Nelson
  "I started learning the guitar with 'Play in a Day'."
  Mike Read
  "You wait for the Bert Weedon's to come along and show the way."
  "We (George Harrison and Paul McCartney) went through the Bert Weedon books and learned D and A together."
  Paul McCartney
  "In the centre of London there's a very "in" club. The stairs leading down to the bar are narrow and cold, but there's a slogan daubed across the wall in giant letters that would warm the cockles of anyone's heart - 'Bert Weedon is God' . . . known to many as the man who taught the world to play electric guitar."
  Record Mirror
  "We all started off in our early days through your book 'Play in a Day' - thanks Bert."
  John Lennon
  "Like everyone else I bought 'Play in a Day', and started off with it - good luck with the video."
  Pete Townshend
  What the Press Say. . . .
  Sunday Times - King of the Strings.
Mail on Sunday - Bert is a pop legend.
Daily Mirror - Bert Weedon - first rate.
T. V. Times - Bert has the happy knack of pleasing not only teenagers but an audience ranging from five to ninety.
Daily Mail - Mr. Weedon of brilliant reputation.
Daily Express - Unchallenged as Britain's top pop guitar soloist.
New Musical Express - A best selling star of the moment with a wealth of grounding and experience behind him.
Sunday Mirror - Your applause please for experts like Bert
Record Mirror - The country's most accomplished and brilliant Guitarist. He's a legend!
Melody Maker - He has attained solo stardom on Radio, T.V. and Records.
Radio Times - Bert Weedon, the lightning fingered Guitarist with brilliant syncopation.
Voted Britain's Top Guitarist Nine Times
"The legendary Bert Weedon--a No. 1 Recording Star with a superb act."
"A great act--his fantastic playing, songs and easy humour make him a big hit with all audiences.
T.V. & Radio - Featured in over 5,000 Radio and T.V. shows including T.V. appearances in Germany, France, Holland, Italy, New Zealand etc.
Theatres - London Palladium, Victoria Palace, Coliseum and the top Theatres in all the major cities and summer resorts.
Cabaret - All the leading Clubs and Hotels in London and the U.K.
Concerts - The Albert Hall, The Festival Hall and the premier concert venues in Great Britain.